Many years ago there was a little girl who loved writing stories, singing countless melodies, reading books, taking pictures and videos of everything and anything. Basically, she loved all things creative.


She grew up to study communications and during this time she discovered a new-found love for helping others. She realised she did not have to limit herself by choosing one box to fit in. All these things were pulling her in for a reason. And so, she made the decision to dedicate her life to every single thing that makes her heart sing. That little girl is me. My name is Elize Greidanus, also known as Elize Gr. This website is dedicated to all my creative endeavours. 


There is not one thing that truly defines me, not one profession or passion I could dedicate my career to. I am glad you found me. This website has been created to offer you information about everything I do and everything that I am. Whether you found me as a musician, coach, reader or as a communication professional, I would love to be a part of your journey. Will you be a part of mine?