As an artist

Elize Gr is a musician based in Groningen, The Netherlands. She started writing songs when she was 13 years old. In 2018 Elize Gr released her first single Deja Vu (self-produced). Two years later, on the 12th of October 2020, she released her debut album Terrible Beauty. The album was produced with her close friend Tim Daniël Stienstra (known from punk band Hands Off). Terrible Beauty consists of 12 songs that can be defined as minimalistic, acoustic and ethereal. The album at the time was featured in a personal interview at Oog Radio (local radio station). 

In 2023 Elize Gr started working with Jasja Brink (bands Black Baby Tiger, Bee Sting and solo career as Salmon Snake) and Vince Railaf Zuniga (band Bee Sting and solo career as frogs.). Together they produced her second album Angèle. The release date of this album is still unknown. In 2023 Elize Gr also re-released a new version of her first single, renaming it Deja Vu Again.