Tarot readings

Since 2020 I have been giving tarot readings to others. Every reader has their own way of reading cards. It might be nice for you to know how I read and why I read tarot. That way you can see if my approach resonates with you and if we are a good fit. 

The way I see it is that everything is energy. When I read for you I connect to your current energy. This means that the message that unfolds during the reading is based on where you are at this current time, energetically. I do not do future predictions or look into other people's lives for you (for example checking up on an ex). These things have nothing to do with your current energy and what might be essential for your growth. 


During the reading I give you general advice accompanied by specific messages that come through. My readings are intuitive, but guided by the cards that come out. There are a few different readings I offer. You can find what they include and cost on this page.  

Types of readings

I offer a set of different readings so they might fit your needs and budget better. Each reading comes with its own benefits. There are a few things that might be good to know regarding each reading. Offline readings need to be paid upfront. This is to protect myself from giving a reading and not receiving payment since the offline readings are done in my own time. Online readings can be paid afterward while we are still online/on the phone. 

The benefit of the offline readings is that you can listen to the messages on your own time. The benefit of the online readings is that there is room to ask questions, discuss the messages and pull extra cards if needed. If you like to relisten or revisit the message I would suggest choosing a reading with video or voice messages. If you prefer to go deeper together and have a more personalized conversation then calling together is a great option.


Book a reading

You can book a reading with me through emailing me at info@elizegreidanus.com or my Instagram DM's.
Want to book straight away? Fill out the form below and select which reading you'd like. I will contact you as soon as possible.