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From 2018-2023 I have been a communication student at the Hanzehogeschool in Groningen, The Netherlands. The first four years I was a part of the international course (IC), but during my thesis period I transferred to the Dutch programme (CO). This was due to having an obligated period to spend abroad, which I could not do at the time. However, I still engaged during those four years with all the international values and aspects of IC.

During the same period I have had several working experiences within the communications & marketing field. For the upcoming years I am looking to further broaden my professional skills and experience. My specialisations are concept creation, copywriting, social media (specifically TikTok), website maintenance. storytelling, brand-building and visualisation (pictures, lay-out, videography). On this page you can learn more about my experiences and what I do as a communication professional/specialist.

Resume (CV)

CV Elize Greidanus July 2023
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Communication Services

Want to know more about what services I offer? Check out the website of my communications agency Pick & Tell.